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Vicplumb is a Victorian company that has operated continuously since 1992 and provides installation, commissioning and servicing of all aspects of plumbing, gas fitting and fire protection services for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Our installation and service divisions provide emergency and routine preventative maintenance to end users of our construction projects, and to a wide range of business related customers.

Vicplumb has traded in all forms of plumbing and fire protection services over a very long period of time and has established trade records in commercial/industrial plumbing and fire protection. We have also been involved in a number of large architecturally designed homes/unit developments and have expertise in recycled water and treatment plants. Today we offer economically viable solutions to all your plumbing and fire protection needs. We work in conjunction with building owners, consultants and Project Managers from concept stage through to delivery.

Our flexible and professional approach enables our clients to access a full range of services depending on their particular needs. Our goal is to work in conjunction with our customers to ensure compliance, efficiency and peace of mind.

Vicplumb has successfully completed works in the following disciplines:


Solutions to Meet your Needs

Convenience in our business simply means that all our services are just a phone call away. This is complemented with technicians suitably qualified to suit your specific needs. We have recognised that a major problem faced by our customers is obtaining reliable service from a company upon which they can depend. With Vicplumb one call can solve your problem instantly 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Not only in our trade but all building trades, as we have active professional relationships with all trades to suit any emergency that may arise.




Spotting for Service Assets - Gascoigne Training & Assessment Pty Ltd
Registered Building Practitioner - Building Practitioners Board
Victorian Building Authority Plumbing Licence



Vicplumb’s significant advantage, is its accessible pool of in-house skills available for the successful management and maintenance of all aspects of Fire Protection and Plumbing Services.

In particular, our resources include:


Brief History and Capabilities

Vicplumb’s key staff have been involved in the building industry for over 27 years, and have predominantly worked in the plumbing and fire protection areas, although due to their circumstances they have been exposed to most facets of the building industry.

Vicplumb has one director, Matthew West, whose is directly involved in all facets of business - including marketing, estimating, design, Project Management, installation, commissioning, invoicing, financial management, Industrial Relations, Company Administration etc.

All businesses Matthew has been involved in have been very profitable and reputable. The current business is very financial, has a great reputation and continues to grow and thrive in both Fire Protection and Plumbing.

Our technical team are fully competent in design, procurement, hydraulic analysis (including pump and tank selection), commissioning and servicing of all types of fire protection systems including special hazard applications.

As Project Managers we have developed the following skills –

As Construction Managers we have been responsible for the preparation and negotiation of tenders and timely execution of contracts to achieve targeted Profitability Levels by managing the following activities:-


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